Madame N'dea

I'm a Capricorn born day 1/02
My hair is subliminally short.
I’m kind of short like 5'2.
I live for me and no one else.
I love eating, shopping at thrift stores,sleeping and writing poetry.
I really want to go to Paris or Bora Bora one day.
South Beach, Miami FL will always be my second home.
The owner of Grey Goose company is my crack supplier.
I romanticize dramatic situations.
I’m slightly addicted to vintage clothing .
My left eye partially closes when I sleep.
I love the smell of….viva la juicy perfume... on me.
Animal Planet is my stand by channel when my favorite shows aren't on.
My facial expressions give everything away.
I can make ten free throws in a row ...j/k I wish.
I like my t-shirt collars to choke me.
I have a severe problem with liars.
I can read minds. =)

with Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces.

I hate unfriendly girls.